Manfül was Josh’s second festival hour. Whereas 99 Schnitzels (Veal Ain’t One) was a multi-character sketch show, in Manfül, Josh played one character, a hyper-masculine grotesque in a muscle suit called Dicky Rosenthal. The show was more personal, exploring Josh’s masculine identity and how it interplayed with his Jewish cultural and religious upbringing.
It was nominated for Best Comedy at Melbourne Fringe, won the Weekly Comedy Award at Adelaide Fringe and was presented by the Guilded Balloon in Edinburgh as Josh’s debut Edinburgh hour.

“Glanc has done something that’s genuinely awesome. He’s tackled modern times’ strange amour propre with absurdist, rib-cracking humour and a smidge of musical theatre.” ★★★★ 1/2 The Music

“With Manfül Josh Glanc has created something special. What begins as a mock seminar slowly evolves into a deep character study exploring the insecurities of the modern man, and it’s bloody hilarious.” ★★★★ 1/2 Beat Magazine

“performance and story arc are faultless, and the set pieces frequently funny.” Chortle